European erotic massage

European erotic massage

Sometimes it is difficult to find a massage service with an integrated approach to the client’s body. Somewhere there is more eroticism, and in another version, masseuses are too concentrated on healing practices. To create harmony, an erotic European massage was developed.

The main thing in erotic European massage.

Европейский эротический массажThe main thing in it is still erotic massage. It is performed by a young girl in the nude. She strives in every way to provide the client with visual and tactile pleasure. To begin with, the body is rubbed with oils. They are designed to reduce the frictional force of the hands so that all movements become as smooth as possible. They also help to improve the condition of the skin: after the session, it becomes very soft to the touch.

Scented lamps with exotic herbs are also added. Further, there is a full contact of bodies. The girl sits on top of the client and continues to touch with her whole body. A special pleasure comes from touching the masseuse’s breasts. All this definitely has a beneficial effect on male libido and increases the level of self-esteem. Light erotica is diluted with quite familiar healing techniques. Taking a break between erotic massage Kiev, the girl begins to restore the client’s body after a hard day’s work. The main target remains the spine, pelvis and legs. Performing alternating pushing movements, the deep muscles are worked out. It also stimulates the intervertebral discs, which very often cause acute pain with a sharp extension of the body.

Having indicated all problem areas, the masseuse will consistently work through them all. Through practice, the client will be able to feel the first improvements literally after 10 minutes of massage. Be sure to devote as much time as possible to healing practices while relaxing from the erotic component of the session. So the pleasure becomes more complete, and the overall impression will undoubtedly only be positive.

The second wave of body massage is the continuation of the healing techniques.

Having worked the whole body, it is required to relieve the stress accumulated during this time. The erotic program becomes a logical continuation. Erotic European massage is universal in its combination of techniques with each other. After the first time, the client has the opportunity to experience something new. It makes no sense to repeat all the body massage movements done earlier. It is better to pay attention to other additional services provided by the salon.

Erotic European massage does not become an exclusive service in the vastness of Kiev. However, the combination of two techniques at once is the link between VIP services and the usual types of healing techniques. Relevant for new visitors to the salon. In one session, you can reveal all the benefits of such a pastime, become addicted to it – in the good sense of the word.

It is preliminary recommended to contact the administrator to clarify the various features that reduce the waiting time in the salon. Erotic European massage can be performed by one, two, three girls at the same time, and their number for the entire period of the session depends on the wishes of the client.