Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage for women

Эротический массаж для женщинIn ancient times, healing techniques were the most common methods of healing many diseases, but over the years, they began to be replaced by a relaxing erotic massage on the site, but including elements of a healing effect. Erotic massage for women requires a thorough knowledge of the body of its client, so the specialist who does it must have a complete course of training in such a technique, supported by practice with a good teacher.

The human body has many streams of energy that must flow freely through all organs, but stress and conflict situations block the path, not finding a way out, energy is collected in the nervous system causing prolonged depression, and in extreme cases, illness. It has been scientifically proven that long working days are bad for your well-being, so rest is essential. If vacation is not a permissible luxury, then a relaxing erotic massage for women is the only way to maintain an active life position. Although in the original such a procedure lasts three hours, modern craftsmen are able to do everything in one hour, allowing them to freely use such services after each working day.

First stage erotic massage for women and its technique

Classic salons offering erotic massage for women use the following interior: a bath with relaxing salts and a couch for the massage itself. At the very beginning, you need to cleanse your body in the literal sense of the word, take a bath to free the skin pores from impurities. Only a clean body can be given to oils and rubbing, because then the result achieved becomes as effective as possible. In the process of washing, a naked masseur begins to prepare the woman’s body using relaxing techniques with a combination of water treatments. Cases of getting the best of bathing pleasure are not uncommon, although in any case, everything is just beginning.

Full disclosure of pleasure thanks to skillful hands

The erotic part, undoubtedly follows the whole process, but the preservation of a thin platonic line is necessary, because the main sacrament is mental relaxation and only then physical.
Тело the masseur becomes a tool for introducing special movements, allowing you to move away from the classic manual technique, only full surrender should be present between the salon employee and the client.
The body of the visitor drenched in oil becomes a sliding platform for the massage therapist’s body. All this continues until its logical climax, only the achievement of complete satisfaction will signal the end of the session, sometimes its duration stretches for more than an hour.

You should experience such sensations at least once in your life, otherwise – why live without pleasure. You can order and enable such services at any time in the Simona salon, both on weekdays and on weekends. Allow yourself to relax at least once, put your business aside and trust the skilful bodies of masseuses, plunge into the world of pleasure and unprecedented warmth of two bodies connecting for an hour!