Erotic massage in “Bali” in Lviv

Эротический массаж во ЛьвовеThere are numerous studies, experiments and polls, in the course of which the number and duration of foreplay before sex that a woman needs in order to get aroused and then cum with pleasure have been determined.

Public opinion on this matter is divided, and it is not surprising: the body of every woman is purely individual, and not everyone without exception needs 40 minutes of erotic massage in Lviv, caress, stroking and arousal to be ready for intercourse.

There are many types of women who are easy or difficult to arouse, but none of them can be called “wrong”.
The need for foreplay

Many will ask: “Why are these foreplay needed at all? And you can do without them. ” Of course you can. Nobody can forbid you this.

But if you really want to please your partner, you should have a little patience and not rush to pull off your pants, and before that devote a little time to some trifles: creating a suitable romantic atmosphere, relaxation and caress themselves.

If a girl has been doing housework all day or has just come home from work, this erotic massage according to a special program or an aromatic foam bath will help her to relax.

Do not think that these are female whims: relieving tension immediately before intercourse will help not only make it more interesting, more varied, but also awaken in your partner a real desire, expectation of something exciting, desire.

Brief erotic flirting, a couple of jokes will help return the girl’s disposition if today she is out of sorts or is upset about something.

The main thing is to create a mood that will accompany the entire sexual intercourse.

What is it?

Салон эротического массажа во ЛьвовеForeplay for each pair can be anything. Whether it is an erotic massage with a continuation, or dirty vulgarities in your ear, or both, the main thing is that you and your partner like it.

You need to know what exactly relaxes him, and what, on the contrary, can add tension and bring down the whole mood.

Then there can be no talk of excitement, and then of continuation.

You can prepare a romantic candlelit dinner that flows smoothly into massage and physical intimacy in bed, or you can start with the trump cards and excite your partner directly in bed.

For this, sex toys, vibrators, masturbation and erotic stroking, nibbling and pinching are suitable.

How to determine what exactly does a partner like, how to choose an approach to him? He himself will be able to answer this question directly, and no one else.

It is necessary to talk frankly and find out all the details, hidden desires, needs and whims.

Then you will be fully armed, preparing for the next sexual intercourse, and you will be able to bring your / your lover / beloved unearthly pleasure before sex, surprise and pleasantly adjust.

Erotic massage for men

In fact, a man is excited much faster than his partner and he has to restrain himself in order to bring her to a certain state.

But it doesn’t hurt a woman to know how to make a man want herself. From this she herself will receive tremendous pleasure.

It is these zones that are responsible for the desire to have sex and an erection. The most sensual zones in a man, of course, are the genitals.

But caress them should be the last thing, so that the denouement does not come too quickly. First of all, experts advise to deal with the partner’s hips and buttocks.

They are located next to the genitals and the excitement of the zones in these places is very pleasant and significantly increases the desire.

Caressing the buttocks and hips, you can bring your partner to insanity and make yourself want more and more.

The chest is less sensitive, but still it will be pleasant for a loved one if a woman caresses her too. Pay special attention to the nipples. They are not as sensitive as women, but kissing, massage and light nibbling on them will give a man a lot of pleasant minutes.

It should be noted that every man has his own additional erogenous zones.

You can find out about them from the partner himself, or you can find them yourself, studying the male body inch by inch. A man will definitely like such a study.

Massage is good in all its forms, it is like relaxation for men. However, this erotic massage is famous for its incredible appeal and popularity when having sex.

First of all, you should massage the feet or hands. Then you should gradually move to the body. It is advisable to walk slightly along the spine with your fingertips.

A little more attention should be paid to the lower back. You can lightly caress your shoulder blades and neck with your lips.

Then you should ask your partner to roll over on his back and caress the chest, suck on the nipples, penetrate the tongue into the navel fossa and sink even lower, to the cherished places.

After all, erotic massage is done not only with the hands, but also with the lips and even the entire female body.

If your partner does not attract attention, then there are special erotic massage parlors, such as “Bali” in Lviv or other cities.

Men love compliments no less than women, so you need to try to come up with expressions that will be pleasant to your partner.

Compliments make a loved one more confident in their own abilities. In addition, with the help of words, a woman makes her feel how dear a man is to her.

After correctly chosen expressions, the beloved is able to move mountains and perform incredible miracles in bed.

A man needs to be told about the most attractive qualities of his character and appearance. Praise in this case will not spoil, but only improve and strengthen the relationship.

The man should be thanked for every little thing. If a man has an excellent sense of humor, then he should know that his jokes are pleasant and will always be appreciated.

At the same time, it is advisable to praise your beloved in a gentle velvety voice. If a woman does not have one, then you can attend several vocal lessons.